Lotus will also produce an SUV: it will be a whole new model, even from the point of view of the image for the brand founded by Colin Champan.

Sportiness and versatility: the two "rumors" that appear most on the priority notebooks from the automotive tops. There are more and more big players entrusting their future strategies to developing new "Sport Utility", demonstrating that the industry uses wider SUVs: the latter takes a more or less design "Aggressive", more compact footprints and more "important" footprints, the "urban sports aisles" play an increasingly central role in the engineering development of the world's largest Car Homes.’

The latest in Lottery is Lotus: Hethel's brand, recently acquired by the Chinese giant Geely, in these hours comes out with the first details of what, in a medium-term program, could represent the first SUV for Lotus.

At first glance, the gesture of a "Sport Utility" by Lotus (the first news was circulated at the beginning of October) could be seen as a contradiction: SUVs and crossovers may look "slimy" as much as they want but nevertheless characterize for a much more "massive" image than the subtle and light lines with which Lotus has built his own image for sixty years. This, however, is a project on which Lotus has been focusing for a long time: to unlock the path to the development of an unusual SUV (but it could also be a less "massive" crossover) comes to the contribution of capital guaranteed by the new property Geely. On the Net circulate some images related to those that are referred to as vehicle design patents.

Stitches sewn on the technical details of the "SUV operation" for Lotus: in all likelihood, Hethel's "Sport Utility" future will be built outside of Britain, and will have - revised and corrected in the key "SUV" - some of the peculiarities of the brand's own style, founded by Colin Chapman: Very sloping windscreen, sinuous profile, highlighted by vivid paintings that accompany the front fender line and rear wheel arches, subtle side window, circular optic groups enclosed in a color mask contrast to body color, and a lower diffuser. It will be interesting to assist in the development of chassis engineering, as the future Lotus brand "SUV-crossover" will have the previous engine, a layout that Lotus abandoned in 1996, with the production of the little-beloved Elan M100 ( front model, in addition to the engine, also had traction). It may be - and this will be seen later - that the development of an unprecedented platform will also compete with Chinese technicians.

Two details highlighting the sporting features of the upcoming "SUV-crossover" branded Lotus: the dual aerodynamic design parallel to the roof, which ends at the top of the spoiler and the design of the rear end of the cockpit cell: the latter looks like give the occupants a small seat back seat. This is, in any case, a preliminary project.

Photos below are Lotus Evora GT430 Sport