GREAT CHANGES - For the most traditional Porsche customers there are only a few years to get used to the new Porsche 911 promises, codenamed 992 , waiting in the car showrooms between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 and rich in technical innovations. One of these will be the presence of a hybrid engine. The news was confirmed at the site from the number one of the German house, Oliver Blume. But housing batteries inside a 911 is not proving easy and, according to some rumors, the house is facing various difficulties. Also, for this reason, it would be waiting for the arrival of more advanced batteries, able to ensure greater journeys and reduce the weight, which has always been the number one enemy of hybrid cars. It is no coincidence that Blume has hinted that the hybrid 911 will not arrive before 2023.

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Porsche 911 the 992 will also be hybrid

TURBO ALSO THE GT3 - The hybrid system of the Porsche 992 will be of the plug-in type, ie with rechargeable batteries also from the socket. The German company would like to achieve electric mileage of about 65 km, but the electric motor will also serve to increase the performance of the car in support of the six-cylinder boxer petrol. That will be turbo, like all those available, even for the sporty GT3 (the only one today with the six-cylinder aspirated). The engine for the various versions of the Porsche 911 series 992 will be an evolution of the current 3.0 bi-turbo with the Carrera and Carrera S, should have 15 more hp and then rise to 385 hp and 435 hp; the GT3 will pass to about 500 hp (+15 hp) and the Turbo ( above in the spy photos  of Auto Motor und Sport ) is expected to reach 600 bhp, an increase of 60 bhp compared to today.