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FRESH FORCES - The fleet of cars in use at the State Police will soon include the fifteen Fiat Fullback, the large four-wheel-drive pick-up to the Scientific Police for inspections and surveys, following a tradition that has been repeated for years: the Italy manufacturer already provides the Doblo for the Cinofile Units and the Duchy for the transport of men and goods. The first of these vehicles were delivered in the presence of Franco Gabrielli, who as Chief of Police also coordinates the activities of the Scientific Police, whose staff does not respond to emergency calls but carries out investigations for the purpose of investigations. The Fiat Fullback has been set up to be functional to agents, who need specific equipment to collect tests and carry out surveys: it is no coincidence that instead of the typical pick-up box there is a structure for storing tools and materials.

LOTS OF SPACE - At the back cabin of the Fiat Fullback of the Scientific Police It is accessed via two side-facing bulkheads that open upwards, which hide drawers, shelves, and systems to fix the load. Here are stored the necessary equipment for the reliefs, a folding gazebo, a refrigerated container, an internet repeater to communicate with the operational base, a swiveling beacon, emergency devices and the Mercury system, thanks to which agents can quickly consult certain information in the databases available to them. The chosen livery is in the classic blue of the State Police, but in this case, there is the renewed logo identifying the Scientific Police, consisting of a map of Italy drawn with fingerprints and with a magnifying glass in the center. The Fiat Fullback of the Police adopts the 150 hp 2.4 diesel engine.